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Complete Suspension Solutions for Barrie and Simcoe County

Our sister company, RSI Spring and Suspension, is your one-stop shop for suspension repair, replacement and customization. Conveniently located just outside of Barrie, you can also rely on them for in-stock truck suspension parts for light-, medium- and heavy-duty applications. From bushings to u-bolts, Timbren kits to lift kits, you’ll find the parts and support required for virtually any situation. Please call us or email to inquire about our products.

Shocks, Struts and Timbren Block Kits

Shocks and dampers offer separate multi-stage rebound and compression that react immediately to rough surfaces and maintain a smooth and stable ride.

In Stock/Available:

  • Shocks 

  • Struts 

  • Timbren block and kits 

  • Adjustable struts 

  • Coil Over Shocks

  • Air Shocks


Springs, Coils and Related Components

Coil springs are engineered to improve handling while maintaining safety and ride quality, offering higher rates for improved road hold. Leaf Springs supplement load capacity and improve vehicle handling and control without hardening the ride.

In Stock/Available:

  • Light-, medium-, and heavy-duty springs

  • Frame brackets

  • Coil springs

  • Track bars

  • Torque rods

Lift and Lowering Kits

Guaranteed to maintain your factory ride, while providing looks every owner wants.

In Stock/Available:

  • Lift kits

  • Lowering kits

*Available for most makes and models of cars, pickups and SUVs. Please call for availability.


Air Bags, Kits and Levelling Valves

Air bags come in multiple types and are designed to increase the level load capacity of your vehicle while improving ride quality and suspension sag. Air bag kits are an adjustable spring aid that allow you to tune your suspension to the load.

In Stock/Available:

  • Air bags for heavy-duty truck and trailer applications

  • Air bags for cars, trucks and motor home applications 

  • Air bag kits for all applicable vehicles 

  • Levelling valves and kits


Custom Springs, Extra Leafs & U-Bolts

Whether you want to add extra load capacity or customize the ride height of your classic car, we have just the solution.

In Stock/Available:

  • Custom springs for all vintage vehicles

  • Extra leaf springs for additional load carrying capacity

  • U-Bolts made to spec.

Heavy transports and trailers

MTO Inspection Facility

Our skilled technicians provide repairs to all makes and models of heavy transports and trailers.

Changeover Quote

Changeover Quote

Get in touch
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free quote.

Changeover Quote

Changeover Quote

Get in touch
with us
to request
a free quote.

Local, Family Run Shop

Local, Family Run Shop

Our family owned and operated shop is dedicated to helping you hit the road in confidence.

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